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New Report: Yazidi in Syria: Between acceptance and marginalization

KURDWATCH, December 31, 2010—Syria is considered one of the few Muslim states in the Middle East in which religious minorities—especially the various Christian groups—possess extensive rights. In fact Article 35 of the Syrian constitution guarantees religious freedom, as long as the practice of religion does not disturb the public order. Restrictions exist insofar as the president must be of Muslim faith and Islamic law remains a significant source of legislative power (Article 3).
But does this religious freedom also apply to the Yazidi minority? Or does the Syrian state persecute Yazidi on the basis of their faith? Can Yazidi live their faith in public? What is the relationship between the Muslim majority and the Yazidi minority? Following a brief introduction on the basics of the Yazidi faith and remarks on the Yazidi settlement areas in Syria, this report will attempt to answer these and similar questions. Download PDF]


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