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Aleppo: Fighting between Kurdish Front Brigade and FSA

KURDWATCH, August 15, 2013—On July 28 and 29, 2013, Free Syrian Army (FSA) units attacked the Kurdish Front Brigade's positions in the Kurdish villages of Tall Hasil and Tall ʿAran, a few kilometers southeast of the international airport in Aleppo, and brought the villages under its control. A dozen of the brigade's fighters were reportedly killed in the process. Numerous village residents, mostly supporters of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), were allegedly kidnapped. According to PYD‑media, around forty civilians were killed; however, the images released in this context consist of older photos of dead civilians in Latakia and a video from Haddad (twenty-five kilometers south of al‑Qahtaniyah [Tirbesipî]). A source close to the FSA told KurdWatch: »Kurdish FSA units were not involved in the fighting against the Kurdish Front Brigade. Since their capture, however, the villages have been policed by Kurdish FSA units, including the Azadî Battalion.« The Kurdish Front Brigade is a unit of the PYD that does not officially appear as such. In April 2013, it briefly fought with the FSA against government troops in Aleppo [further information].


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