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ʿAmudah: YPG kidnaps activists

KURDWATCH, June 20, 2013—On June 17, 2013, fighters for the Democratic Union Party’s (PYD) People’s Defense Units (YPG) kidnapped Walat Ismaʿil al‑ʿUmari (activist and Kurdish National Council sympathizer), Sarbast Najjari (member of the ʿAmudah coordination committee), and Dersim Adham ʿUmar (member of the Martyr Tahsin Mamo battalion of the Kurdish Union Party in Syria [Yekîtî]). The kidnappings took place during a large-scale YPG operation in ʿAmudah: The YPG erected numerous checkpoints and also searched commercial premises and private residences. Several youth groups as well as the Kurdish National Council called for protest rallies in ʿAmudah from June 17 to 20. According to PYD-affiliated media, the action was a raid against »drug traffickers«.


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