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Al-Qamishli: PYD members kill three people and severely injure one

KURDWATCH, January 13, 2012—On January 10, 2012, Ahmad ʿAbdullah Badro (b. 1971), Nidal ʿAbdullah Badro (b. 1967), and ʿAmar ʿAbdullah Badro (b. 1973, married, three children) were killed in al-Qamishli by armed members of the Democratic Union Party (PYD). PYD members had already attacked ʿAbdullah Badro, the father of those killed, at his home on January 8, 2012. He suffered severe bullet wounds. In the course of the attack, one of the attackers, Muhammad Mahmud, code name Khabad, a PYD member from al-Malikiyah (Dêrik) who, until recently, had fought for the PKK, was killed in the cross fire. Immediately after this incident, the police arrested ʿImad ʿAbdullah Badro, another of ʿAbdullah Badro’s sons. ʿAbdullah Badro is currently being treated at a hospital in al-Qamishli.
A previously unknown group that calls itself »Protectors of the People´s Values« has taken responsibility for the murders of the brothers Ahmad, Nidal, and ʿAmar ʿAbdullah Badro. Their statement was broadcast on January 10, 2012 in Arabic by the PKK-friendly news agency Firat, as well as via the official PYD website. The murders are being justified by the death of Muhammad Mahmud, as well as by the seizure of PKK/PYD property. ʿAbdullah Badro was formerly a PKK member, and a villa in Damascus, in which PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan lived during his stay in Syria, is said to have been registered in Badro’s name. When Öcalan left Syria in 1998 under pressure from Turkey, ʿAbdullah Badro allegedly remained in possession of the villa. Even after he had turned his back on the PKK, he is said to have refused to return the villa, as he claimed that Öcalan had personally bequeathed it to him.
In a statement on January 10, 2011, the Kurdish Union Party in Syria (Yekîtî) condemned the murders in al-Qamishli and described them as »despicable crimes«. The Yekîtî did not mention who was responsible for the murders.
The Union of Kurdish Democratic Forces in Syria, the Avahi, a coalition of independent Kurdish youth groups, as well as the Union of the Coordinating Committees of Kurdish Youth in Syria have also condemned the murders. In a joint statement they held the »Shabiha« responsible for the acts. The term »Shabiha« refers to the regime’s irregular armed groups.


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