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ʿAfrin: PYD organizes demonstration against Barzani

KURDWATCH, November 25, 2013—On November 18, 2013, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) organized a demonstration in ʿAfrin against Masʿud Barzani, the president of Iraqi-Kurdistan. Barzani, who was received by the Turkish prime minister Erdoğan and ten thousand visitors in Diyarbakır on November 17,, was described as a »traitor and collaborator«. A few days earlier, on November 14, Barzani had made a statement condemning the politics of the PYD. He said that the PYD claims to have started the revolution in Syria, but is in fact cooperating with the Syria regime, which has ceded the Kurdish regions to the PYD. According to Barzani, the PYD is against national unity. It uses armed force against other Syrian-Kurdish parties and excludes the other parties in unilaterally declaring the self-administration of Western Kurdistan. Barzani had initially tried to check the power of the PYD with the Erbil agreement [download agreement], but this approach failed.


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